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Woodside Hiking Trails


The Walking Trail Group (WTG) began in August 2008 when two residents met with the WPPOA to discuss what could be done to improve and better define several nature trails that existed within Woodside. Subsequent to that meeting we began working with both the WPPOA and the Woodside Development Company to define the existing trails, make significant improvements, and to mark the trails with signs and blazes so that our residents could easily follow the routes. In subsequent years several new trails were developed.


The WTG is now a 240 loosely organized group who keep in touch by email and thru our website. We organize work parties to help improve & maintain the trails and also organize occasional hikes on our trails and on other trails in the Aiken vicinity. We maintain or are associated with 8 trails within or just outside the Woodside community. These are Creek Walk, Oakman Trail, Millroad Trail, Hollow Creek Trail, Azalea Trail, Meadow’s loop, The Reserve loop, and the Village Trail. When added to the 7-mile perimeter sidewalk, these trails provide 21 miles of walking opportunities within the Woodside community!


The WTG also maintains an up-to-date website where you can see all future and past outings, read about trail news, and find downloadable maps and descriptions of Woodside’s trails. See TRAIL NEWS & INFORMATION at the bottom of this page.


Want to join the WTG? Please use the the “contact” tab on the WTG website and your email address will be added to the WTG’s email list. Your request will be acknowledged, and you will then receive email  WTG information about all WTG hikes and other activities.


A Guide to Walking in Woodside

The Woodside perimeter sidewalk
(7.0 miles)

This lollypop shaped sidewalk trail is the best known and most frequently used option for those who wish to walk in Woodside. It is within easy walking distance of most homes. Portions of it are also used to tie in the nature trails. The stem of the lollypop is 1.0 miles and the loop is 6 miles.

The Village Trails

The Village at Woodside offers a variety of trails and these are connected to Woodside by a paved and lighted ¼ mile connector which allows people to walk from the Reserve Club parking area to the commercial businesses located in the Village. Within the Village there are many paved walking circular routes and a 1.5-mile Village Perimeter Nature Trail that meanders through the Village’s natural terrain.

The Reserve Park Oval
(0.25 miles)

The Reserve Club Oval is a quarter mile paved track in a lovely horticultural setting which provides the opportunity to power walk or stroll whatever distance you choose. Parking is located adjacent to the track. Tune in your favorite music and get in the zone for an easy or vigorous workout.

The Meadows Loop Trail
(0.6 miles)

This is a neighborhood nature trail that loops around the Meadows residential community. The trail is a very flat dirt path suitable for an easy short stroll or power walk. You can add another 0.2 miles by walking around the “Meadows” park sidewalk. Parking is provided near the Meadows Park.

The Creek Walk
(0.5 miles)

The Creek trail is a short neighborhood walk located near the Cottonwood Creek residential community. This circular walk is fairly flat and follows the Cottonwood Creek steam bed, crossing it in several places on wooden bridges. The trail features a walkout observation deck and small nature library beside the creek. Plaques distributed along the trail identify the native trees and flora growing there. The area is completely shaded and makes a nice cool retreat on a hot summer day. This is a true nature gem nestled in the heart of Woodside. Best parking is in the dead-end of Cottonwood Creek Lane but there is also a well-marked pedestrian access point from the Woodside perimeter sidewalk.

The Mill Road Trail
(1.0 mile in & out trail)

The Mill Road trail is short in 0.5-mile track that runs along a timbered area on the northeast side of the Hollow Creek Land Preservation Area [HCLP]. Currently the trail stops at the 16th green of the Reserve Golf Course. At this point, walkers will need to backtrack to the trail’s starting point. In the future this trail may be expanded. Access to the trail is from the Trail Head Parking area.

The Oakman Trail
(2.1 miles)

This nature trail uses a mix of woodland trails, golf cart paths and a section of the perimeter sidewalk along Woodside plantation Drive. Most of this lollypop shaped trail travels through the wooded area between the fifth and sixth holes of the Reserve golf course. Following the loop portion in a clockwise direction, walkers get a nice view of Oakman Lake as they cross the dam that takes them to the sidewalk along Woodside Plantation Drive. From there it is back into the woods, across a zig-zag bridge, and back to the trail head parking area. Car access to the trail is from the Trail Head Parking area. There are also two well-marked pedestrian access points from the Woodside perimeter sidewalk.

The Hollow Creek Trail (HCT)
(5.0 miles)

This lollypop shaped trail is Woodside’s longest and premier nature trail. So, grab your walking stick and put on your hiking boots for some serious hiking. The trail more or less follows the perimeter of the HCLP. Starting at the Trail Head Parking area the trail proceeds onto a very short section of roadway and then into the woods, and across a small bridge. It then skirts along two golf course holes before coming to the loop of the lollypop [0.6 miles]. The 3.9-mile HCT loop can be walked in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Walking clockwise you will cross a pedestrian bridge over Hollow Creek and enter a nicely wooded area with occasional views of two more golf holes. Leaving the golf course behind, the trail proceeds for 1.6 miles through remote woodlands around the perimeter of the HCLP to finally emerge at the dam impounding Anderson Pond. The dam and nearby fishing platform afford nice views of the pond. Trail access is also provided here from parking area. From the dam the trail follows a track close to Anderson Pond which affords some further nice water views. Leaving the pond behind, the trail goes through a beautiful area of mixed pine and hardwood to emerge in an area known as the “twin ponds”. Woodside’s sister equestrian community shares this portion of the trail and you will often see horseback riders here. At the twin ponds you will see a sign pointing to the bridle trail which can be used to walk to Woodside’s Anderson Pond gate. Proceeding on the HCT, you stroll through another hardwood forest on the way back to the start of the loop and then back to the trail head parking area.


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