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Lakes & Dams


Mission Statement

Ensure the quality and appearance of all Woodside Plantation Lakes and Dams by overseeing their preservation and developing a preventative maintenance strategy in a cost-effective manner. Contract for necessary dam maintenance identified by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and independent engineering firm inspections to maintain dam structural integrity. Schedule any special treatments required resulting from regular inspections by the committee and other resources such as residents and government agencies. Communicate to Woodside property owners any significant actions taken and provide owners with educational programs and recreational opportunities to preserve the value of this resource.

Burden Lake

The access point to Burden Lake is off of Burden Lake Road. There is no off-road parking and residents should not attempt to drive down to the top of the dam. The grade is steep and wet turf limits traction which could cause a vehicle to damage the ground or get stuck attempting to drive up the slope to Burden Lake Rd. Please respect the private property which is on either side of the 20 to 30 ft. lane to the dam. Enjoy fishing from the dam shoreline.

Holley Lake

There are two strips of off-road parking at the East end of the dam providing easy access to Holley Lake and Burden Lake North of the golf course cart bridge. Please keep vehicles on the pavement. The Common Area Property is along the Holley Dam shorelines. There is no WPPOA Common Area Property at the North end of the Lake by the Jones Course golf holes. The land along the North end of the lake between the shoreline and the golf cart path is owned by the Woodside Country Club and fishing is not permitted on their property. The land around the two small ponds near the North end of Holley Lake is owned by the Woodside Country Club and the no fishing policy applies to both ponds.

Magnolia Lake

The lake access point is from the cul-de-sac at the end of Magnolia Lake Road. There is no off-road parking. Vehicles are restricted from using the 20ft wide lane to the top of the dam because of poor drainage and very soft ground. The Common Area Property for fishing, boating or launching kayaks is along the dam shoreline.

Oakman Lake

The lake access point is off of Woodside Plantation Drive. A key to open the chain gate is available from security at the Main Gate. Off-road parking is available under the trees just past the chain gate. Follow the paved path to the top of the dam. Common Area Property is along the dam shoreline. Also, the starting point for one of the many walking paths begins at the top of the dam.

Royal Lake

The access point is off Basswood Drive next to Community Garden. The key to Royal Lake can be signed out at the main gate. 

Spalding Lake & Cunning Lake are not owned by the POA and have no public access.
Manually-propelled canoes, row boats, sailboats, electrical battery powered fishing vessels or paddle-type boats of a conventional size and appearance may be operated on the stream or lakes. No boat, canoe or other watercraft powered by an internal combustion engine may be operated on any stream or lake within Woodside Plantation.


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