Don’t forget to bag your leaves with paper yard bags! 

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Beaver Property Protection

How to protect landscapes from Beavers


  • Wire cylinders, similar to chain link fencing, called hardware cloth placed around the base of the tree. The cloth should be purchased in 3’ widths so the beavers cannot reach over the top.
  • Paint/Sand mix – a mixture of latex paint and masonry sand. You will have to mix 20 ounces of course sand to 1 gallon of paint.
  • Cayenne Pepper and mineral oil, painted onto the tree trunk – although this route requires constant reapplication.


Beavers are most active from dusk until dawn.  While they do not hibernate, they are most active in the fall months preparing for winter. 

In addition to the tips mentioned above, there are ammonia based beaver repellant products available online

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