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Beyond the gates

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Merry & Bright

Exploring the enchanting streets of Woodside under the cover of night revealed a hidden treasure! A dazzling holiday lights display adorning Pine Needle Circle. One homeowner, Marc Nielsen of 4 Pine Needle Circle, has been illuminating the neighborhoods for the past three decades. What started as a modest endeavor has evolved into a spectacular annual tradition. Marc, the creative mastermind behind the display, handcrafts each ornament, from the radiant trees to the luminous light balls. The result? Over 20,000 LED lights, with each of the 30 intricate balls boasting 200-300 lights. Marc dedicates five days over two weeks to meticulously assemble this radiant spectacle, ensuring that each year brings a fresh and unique experience.

Just a doorstep away, Al Pleming of 5 Pine Needle Circle shares in the festive spirit by transforming his home into a holiday haven. Al’s decorations showcase an array of characters, including gingerbread men, snowmen, the Grinch, candy canes, and a heartwarming manger scene. Beyond the holiday season, Al is known for his captivating Halloween display that captivates passersby.

Both Marc and Al find inspiration in the joy, happiness, and smiles their festive displays bring to the community. As these two neighbors continue to brighten the Woodside nights, their illuminated creations serve as a testament to the power of holiday spirit and community joy.