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Common Area for a Common Goal

With the change in seasons fast approaching, you will likely see more work being done in the Woodside Plantation common areas. Cold Creek Nurseries is in our community, every day, working diligently to ensure that our road sides and common areas are taken care of. Currently, Cold Creek is working on several intersection renovations throughout Woodside. This work is important for a number of reasons. Our intersections are arguably some of the most visited areas in the community when you think about it. In a large way, they serve as an aesthetic standard we would like to see collaboratively throughout Woodside Plantation. Additionally, regular maintenance to these roadside areas serve to ensure that overgrowth of mature plantings do not obstruct a driver or pedestrians’ line of vision, thus keeping us all a bit safer.


Common Area Director, Scott Vieweg, the CART team, and Cold creek Nurseries deserve a round of applause for the work that we all enjoy each day as we maneuver throughout our community. Their work, while tedious, is by no means small and is apparent to all who enter our gates. As you drive through Woodside over the next few weeks, you are encouraged to take advantage of those full stops, admire the beauty of Woodside Plantation, look both ways, and have a great day.