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Beyond the gates

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Ducky, the not stuck duck.

Recently the POA received numerous calls regarding the lone duck known as Ducky of the Duck Pond on Foxhound Run. They were all very concerned that the duck was stuck. He seemed to be inside the cement overflow structure in the center of the pond and unmoving for a number of days. ADPS was called and advised they were unable to assist. The WPPOA inquired with a trapper, who drove by but was unable to locate Ducky. Finally, our Lakes and Dam Director Jim Pirchner implored the help our maintenance supervisor and together, boat in tow, they headed to the Duck Pond. With the help of a few nearby residents they made their way fairly quickly toward Ducky only to get within a few feet and have Ducky fly off! It would seem that Ducky, was in fact, not stuck. We suspect that he was probably just trying to stay cool like the rest of us this summer. So if you see his head poking up from the center of the structure, please do not worry yourself. The duck is not stuck.