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Firewise USA

Do you ever wonder who’s responsible for creating the piles of branches stacked alongside various streets within the Woodside Community?  Steve Powell, resident and volunteer, heads up the Firewise program in our neighborhood. Since 2015 Woodside Plantation has been a certified Firewise Community, thanks to Steve and a group of volunteer homeowners.  WPPOA requested the… Continue reading Firewise USA

Ducky, the not stuck duck.

Recently the POA received numerous calls regarding the lone duck known as Ducky of the Duck Pond on Foxhound Run. They were all very concerned that the duck was stuck. He seemed to be inside the cement overflow structure in the center of the pond and unmoving for a number of days. ADPS was called… Continue reading Ducky, the not stuck duck.

The Maintenance Team

The Woodside Maintenance team truly does not receive enough credit. From mailboxes to Christmas decorations, they work hard throughout the entire community. While they work largely behind the scenes their impact on Woodside is more than noticeable. We see their work at just about every turn, whether you’re looking up at the streetlights, or down… Continue reading The Maintenance Team